Watch as Ben reads Friendly the Fox aloud!

Watch as friends read Friendly the Fox aloud!

Excited to partner for the first time ever with this beautiful little hidden gem of a shop!

Mount Vernon First Thursday Art Walk

•August 3rd, 5-8pm

Click HERE to learn more

July kicks off this destination event with many businesses open for extended hours in the evening. My paint studio is among them!

Let the good times stroll ~

Ben returns to the LaConner Brewery July 4th through September ~ this wee township is a fabulous little day trip from Bellingham, and the family friendly menu is offered indoors and out!

A brand new permanent place for Ben's art to be purchased! April is Tulip time!


The LaConner Country Inn

107 South 2nd Street, La Conner, WA 98257

Northshore Veterinary

601-D Electric Avenue



Little Cheerful Cafe

133 E. Holly Street



The Daisy Cafe

114 W. Magnolia Street

A Lot of Flowers

1011 Harris Avenue



1208 11th Street


Good Earth Pottery

1000 Harris Avenue


Mambo Italiano

1303 12th Street


Avenue Bread

1135 11th Street


Ben's private Fairhaven Art Studio

(hours by appointment)

II Granaio

100 E. Montgomery Street



Trumpeter Public House

416 Myrtle Street



Ristretto Coffee Lounge

and Wine Bar

416 S. First Street

Summer Paint Tutorials are ramping up in my Fairhaven studio~ your $100 gets a 90-minute session + inclusive of all art supplies.

All ages•groups•individuals• welcome!Weekdays by appointment.

This house portrait was created under my tutelage, and the student artist was kind enough to relate how it went down:


"We met in Ben’s studio where we were surrounded by his finished paintings. He placed two prepared canvases on the counter, took out two pieces of chalk, put one in my hand, took the other in his, and began sketching while explaining what he was doing and why. We painted side-by-side, and the hours flew by. I was able to ask him question after question, and his responses flowed easily as one would expect of someone who has a mastery of his craft.


Too soon, it was time to go. I did not finish my painting during the class, but had the information I needed to complete it on my own. After finishing about half of the painting, I stopped and took stock. My painting still had no movement! I studied Ben’s pieces again, paying special attention to  how he lays down his colors. I re-worked my painting and went on to complete it. I am pleased with the outcome, but I see plenty of changes to incorporate into my next painting. Thank-you Ben, for an excellent learning experience at which time you shared equal parts skill and encouragement."


~David, age 61.