Ben is happy to connect easel-side, with friends and clients mid-week during this

busy season. Please contact him ahead by phone or email to schedule your visit!

Let Ben's brush propel yours~ One-on-One or

Group tutorials for all ages. $100/ person for

your 90-minute session, includes all supplies

for your own take-home painting.

By appointment.


In his signature style, Ben depicts YOUR adorable abode and family with whimsical authenticity~ in any dimensions you request. The resulting art is an instant heirloom that can also lend itself to print on your personal Christmas cards, etc.

Ben enjoys working on murals, both public and private ~and offers a wide variety of subject matter\dimensions.

His most recent murals have been painted not directly on client walls, but rather on 1/4 inch plywood panels which can be painted in his studio and then swiftly mounted to the client walls in their home or business. This gives flexibility to the artwork/scheduling and also makes for big impact, and should client needs change or houses sell, the artwork is readily able to be dismantled and transported with ease.

Ben also offers a unique service to nonprofit agencies that are looking to add a uniquely kinetic buzz to their annual fundraising auction efforts!

For a flat $500 fee Ben Mann shows up with a Northwest themed canvas in progress, which he completes during the event while he engages easily with event patrons. But wait! There's more. The winning bidder on said to canvas will actually be incorporated into the existing design! Nonprofit agencies pay Mann a flat $500 fee and invariably such canvases auction off for well over that fee. Please inquire with Ben for further information and calendar availability.

A fun and personal gift idea! Ben’s Studio Gift Certificates are available in any denomination, and can be redeemed exclusively at his studio -- either for paint tutorials, finished artworks, or customized paintings!

No expiration

Ben Mann Studios are located at 1000 Harris Avenue at the corner of Tenth St. (private art studio entry is in between Artwood Gallery and Good Earth Pottery) Third Floor walk-UP, Studio #18. Think of it as culture with cardio!